• Booking a Jockey Pathway Appointment

    In person sessions with our Dietitian, Gillian O'Loughlin, and with our Strength & Conditioning coach, Wayne Middleton. All sessions will be delivered from the RACE campus in Kildare town and any jockeys who attend will be required to complete the Health Screening form, which is available to download below, in advance:


    Pre-delivery participants will:
    1. Complete a Health Screening Questionnaire and submit directly to the Pathway provider in advance of entering any building on RACE campus. 

    On-arrival participants will:
    1. Remain in their car and phone the provider they are attending. The provider will confirm if they have received a health screening.
    2. Have their temperature taken by the Pathway provider prior to entering any RACE building.


    All riders availing on the services must make themselves aware of local restrictions in their area. Remote sessions via phone or webcam can be arranged if you are unable to travel due to Covid-19 restrictions.

    • Strength & Conditioning classes are held at 6:30pm every Monday & Wednesday evening in RACE, Kildare town. Individual one to one sessions are also available, call or text Wayne directly on 083 3133450 for further information. 

    • Dietitian: To schedule an appointment with Gillian O'Loughlin call or text directly on 087 4128798

    • Sports Psychology: Phone & online sessions for  can be arranged at any time. To schedule a Sports Psychology appointment please text Ciara Losty directly on 087 203 2340.

    • Career Support & Transition service is available through the Jockey Pathway and will be delivered by Fran O'Reilly, if you are interested in availing of the Career Support & Transition service please send an email [email protected] or call Patrick Ryan on 085 7106984 for further information 

    • On-course physiotherapy service from the John Butler Sports Injury Clinic is available. John can be contacted at the office on 091 767473 or on mobile at 086 3015043. The updated on-course schedule is available to view by clicking here.

    If you have any queries of require further information please email [email protected] or call Patrick Ryan on 085 7106984Further details of all the Pathway services available are outlined at below:

  • Service Overview

  • The Jockey Pathway career support & transition service will be delivered by Fran O'Reilly of Amaze.ie. Fran is a Development of Potential Expert and Head Coach at Amaze Limited, a limited Irish company who specialise in the development of potential within business leaders, sales professionals, executives and teams, elite sportspeople and professional musicians.


    Fran will be available to work with Jockeys who may be experiencing difficulties and/or lacking motivation in their current role due to a lack of opportunities, those who may be nearing the end of their career in the saddle and are starting to plan for a career transition and those who are unable to ride due to injury.


    If you are interested in availing of career support and transition services please send an email through to [email protected] or call 085 710 6984

    Wayne Middleton is the jockey pathway strength and conditioning coach. Wayne will deliver weekly group sessions to include the following:

    • Initial functional movement screen and assessment to evaluate any injury or movement deficiency.
    • Testing of physical strength and fitness.
    • Weekly detailed strength and conditioning programme to include work to be carried out in the jockeys own time. Emphasis on safe and high quality movement and technique.
    • Regular assessment to monitor progress or lack of.
    • Receive regular jockey feedback to help improve the delivery of the programme
    • Individual one to one sessions can also be arranged if necessary.

    Wayne will liaise with the physiotherapist as part of the injury prevention and rehab protocols; he will also be in contact with the dietitian, Gillian O’Loughlin, to ensure any weight control issues are addressed. To schedule an appointment please call or text Wayne directly on 083 3133450.

    The pathway dietitian is Gillian O’Loughlin, the leading expert in nutrition for jockeys in Ireland, carrying out research in the health and performance of jockey’s since 2003. She will be familiar to many of you as she has been working with jockeys of all levels from pony racers to professional jockeys.
    Her role is to give support to jockeys providing tailored dietary advice to enhance their health and performance, assist them to make weight the healthy way, increase muscle mass and decrease body fat to enhance riding performance or to aid in the recovery process from injury.
    The initial consultation will include;
    • Measurement of weight and height
    • Body fat testing
    • Hydration testing
    • Assessment of current dietary practices
    • Individually tailored meal plan – based on foods liked by the jockey.

    The jockey will be encouraged to attend follow up sessions to monitor their progress and to keep a food diary, or to utilise the Libro nutretics app, which will be analysed to provide more detail on their nutrient intake. 

    Gillian will be available every Wednesday evening from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, to schedule an appointment with Gillian please text 087 4128798.

    The pathways sports psychologist will be Dr Ciara Losty. Dr Losty has worked extensively at the highest levels of elite sport (Olympic level). The goal of any interactions that Dr Losty will have with Jockeys is to ensure that ultimately, a jockey can consistently demonstrate the psychological skills necessary for optimum performance. There are many ways sport psychology can help jockeys including, but not limited, to the following:

    • Enhance performance
    • Cope with the pressures of racing
    • Recover from injuries
    • Increase motivation 
    • Promote healthy self-esteem 
    • Education in key mental health issues

    To schedule an appointment please call or text Ciara directly on 087 203 2340.

    John Butler from the John Butler Sports Injury Clinic delivers an on-course physiotherapy service, John can be contacted at the office on 091 767473 or on mobile at 086 3015043. The updated on-course schedule is available to view here. The services delivered will include the following:

    • Comprehensive assessment & diagnosis of new injuries/complaints
    • Physiotherapy treatment as required (manual techniques, dry needling, ultrasound, taping, soft tissue techniques)
    • Education on injury prevention and management
    • Assessment for muscle imbalances/strength deficits and injury predictors
    • Review referrals from on-track service provider for a more comprehensive assessment.
    • Development & implementation of rehabilitation programmes
    • Development of injury prevention programmes in conjunction with the S&C coach.


  • Friday Night Racing with the Jockey Pathway on Off The Ball

    Ger and Johnny from Off The Ball chat with Sports Psychologist Dr Ciara Losty about her work with the Jockey Pathway. In addition to her work with the Pathway Ciara is a lecturer in Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology in WIT. This interview was recorded during the COVID-19 crisis and Ciara speaks about the importance of keeping structure to your day, being kind to yourself, and having reasonable expectations.

    If you are an Irish based professional jockey and would like to arrange an appointment with Ciara please text Ciara Losty directly on 087 203 2340.

    Ger and Johnny from Off The Ball speak to Dietitian Gillian O'Loughlin about her work with the Jockey Pathway. Gillian is a Dietitian Manager with the Health Service Executive, in this interview she speaks about the introduction of the Race-day Catering Guidelines for Irish racecourses which will ensure that riders have access to healthy meals and snacks between races. Gillian also talks about the other research projects which are ongoing in relation to jockey health and well-being.

    To schedule an appointment with Gillian please text 087 4128798.

    Strength & Conditioning coach speaks about his experiences of working with Irish Jockeys through his work with trainee jockeys in RACE and with the professional riders via the Jockey Pathway. Wayne talks about how racing is a weight classification sport and how he aims to work with riders to ensure that they maintain a healthy weight while at the same time being fit and strong.

    Wayne runs group classes from the RACE gym on a weekly basis, individual one to one sessions can also be arranged. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis the face to face classes are not available, however Wayne has prepared some simple exercises for you to try at home, please scroll down to view. If you would like further information in relation to Waynes S&C service please email [email protected] and you can text Wayne directly on 083 3133450

    The IHRB Senior Medical Officer, Dr Jennifer Pugh, was on with Ger and Johnny on Friday Night Racing on Off The Ball.

    Jennifer speaks about her role in Irish Racing, her own experiences as an amateur rider, the work of the jockey research group, and what she has learned from racing behind closed doors during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Demonstration Videos





  • Getting back on track with your diet

    The Jockey Pathway Dietitian, Gillian O'Loughlin, has put together a presentation of helpful tips for getting your weight control back on track, included is a sample shopping list as well as a five day meal plan. The presentation can be downloaded by clicking on the button below:

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    • Food to support your mental health - Read an article from the Australian Diet magazine, Refuel, which has been recommended by the Jockey Pathway Dietitian, Gillian O'Loughlin, on the correct foods to be eating to support your mental health, you can view page 1 here and page 2 here.

    • PART 1 - 'The winners enclosure' - a very interesting read in today's @ExaminerSport 30th July 2018, as Daragh O'Conchuir @RebelDevil71 goes behind the scenes of the Jockey Pathway - a programme set-up to offer support structures for jockeys - read full article here

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  • Jockey Matters

    The Jockey Matters series has been produced by JETS in partnership with the Professional Jockey Association in the UK. It aims to provide insight into various welfare issues affecting jockeys.

    No matter how serious a problem is, help is always available, if you, or someone close to you, is affected by any of the issues raised in this series of videos please consider contacting the Industry Assistance Programme, the Irish Jockeys Trust, or the Irish Jockeys Association

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