• Jockey Matters

    The Jockey Matters series has been produced by JETS in partnership with the Professional Jockey Association in the UK. It aims to provide insight into various welfare issues affecting jockeys.

    No matter how serious a problem is, help is always available, if you, or someone close to you, is affected by any of the issues raised in this series of videos please consider contacting the Industry Assistance Programme, the Irish Jockeys Trust, or the Irish Jockeys Association


  • Substance Abuse & Support

    This video in the series looks at the perils of substance abuse.

    This film features powerful testimonies from Flat jockeys Kieran Shoemark and Ray Dawson who speak about the difficult journeys they have been on from addiction to recovery, highlighting some of the key issues faced by jockeys and encouraging others to access the significant amount of support available to jockeys in the UK. 

    Support is also available for Jockeys in Ireland. If you, or a jockey close to you, is struggling with substance abuse reach out the the Jockey Trust, the Irish Jockeys Association, the IHRB medical team, or the Industry Assistance Programme.

  • Addiction & Recovery

    Addiction has affected the lives of a number of jockeys.

    With multiple Classic winning jockey Johnny Murtagh providing a personal and inspirational account of his journey to recovery from alcoholism, the film aims to highlight the support available to those who recognise they have a problem and how recovery is possible. 

  • Injury - Returning to Riding

    The film features contributions from Sir AP McCoy, Harry Derham, Jason Hart and Sammy Jo Bell and examines the physical and mental challenges jockeys face whilst injured. Members of the Injured Jockeys Fund physio and rehab team highlight the support available to help jockeys get back riding and how best to maximise their time off.

  • Nutrition - Staying Hydrated

    Featuring contributions from jockeys such as Ryan Moore and Leighton Aspell. Looking at the traditional weight making practice of using saunas and how jockeys should ensure they lose those extra pounds in a healthier way.

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing

    The film features contributions from Sir AP McCoy, Leighton Aspell, Daryl Jacob and Mark Enright, the first jockey to speak publicly about suffering from depression. The film gives advice for those affected by mental health issues

  • Nutrition - Making Weight the Right Way

    Hear from a range of jockeys and nutrition experts on how jockeys can better manage their calorie intake and how diet can impact on performance and long term physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Nutrition - Healthy Choices

    With contributions from jockeys and health experts, this film looks at the issue of Flipping (self induced vomiting) in the weighing room. It highlights the risks and alternative weight loss methods relying on modern research and support.

  • Resilience

    Featuring jockeys Graham Lee, Adam McNamara and Gemma Tutty as well as Psychology experts Michael Caulfield and Aodhagan Conlon and the PJA's Paul Struthers.

    The film highlights various mental health and performance issues jockeys may struggle with and outlines the range of confidential support available to help jockeys improve their overall resilience and mental wellbeing.

  • Concussion

    This film in the series looks at the symptoms of concussion, the risks of riding with concussion and the treatment available to jockeys to aid a quicker recovery.

    Featuring jockeys Martin Dwyer and the late Liam Treadwell as well as concussion experts.

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