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  • Service Overview


    • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    • Accessible by phone, email, instant messaging and website.
    • No cost to you.
    • Assistance with any work, personal, or family issues.
    • Professional consultation, short-term counselling, information, resources and referrals to services in your local area.
    • The programme is provided by Workplace Options, it is completely confidential and independent from your employer, and from HRI.
    • No limit to the number of issues you can gain support on.
    • Below you will find an overview of the service offering as well as examples of some of the areas which you can receive assistance with:


  • There are very few of us that manage to go through life without having to deal with personal issues at some stage or another, whether it be money worries, employment issues, dealing with a bereavement, worrying about a family member or friend, exams, it can be any number of things. 

    Horse Racing Ireland and CARE recognise this and have engaged the services of Workplace Options to provide an  Industry Assistance Programme (IAP) to help take the strain when you need some extra support. The IAP is 100% confidential, 100% free to use and is open to everyone who works in the racing industry.

    If you are worried about a problem then just pick up the phone and call the IAP, they may not be able to solve your problem outright there and then, but you will be able to speak to a trained professional who can provide responsible measured advice that will put you on the right path. Sometimes we can bottle things up inside and talking to someone can shed a different perspective on a issue, as the old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. Face to face counselling is also available through the IAP if it is deemed necessary.

    Your IAP is staffed by a team of highly trained and qualified professionals who are experts in fields such as well-being, family matters, relationships, workplace issues, consumer rights, and much more. You can be confident that the information you receive is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to your particular circumstances.

    No problem is too big or too small for the IAP so don't be afraid to pick up the phone, or to log on the the website (logon details are above). If you have any queries about the IAP please email them to [email protected]

    • Emotional well-being
    • Managing stress
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Disability and illness
    • Substance and alcohol misuse
    • Addictions and compulsive behaviours
    • Personal development
    • Work-life balance
    • Bullying and harassment
    • Workplace pressure
    • Managing change
    • Workplace relationships
    • Career Guidance - A one hour one off telephone session with a qualified career coach is available 

    • Childcare
    • Education
    • Elder care
    • Juggling work and family life
    • Caring for others
    • Domestic violence or abuse
    • Consumer rights
    • Health and wellness
    • Relocation
    • Community resources
    • Pregnancy and new baby
    • Adoption
    • Marriage and cohabitation
    • Separation and divorce
    • Moving home
    • Bereavement and loss
    • Retirement
  • Useful links

  • Private Suites

    Support Seminar

    Workplace Options, the company which delivers the Industry Assistance Programme on behalf of HRI, have delivered a seminar on maintaining your composure amidst the pandemic panic

    Private Suites

    Coronavirus supports

    Details of the supports available at national level due to the coronavirus pandemic

    Private Suites

    Mindfulness session

    Workplace Options will be hosting Aware Live Mindfulness Sessions which offer an opportunity to engage in short live mindfulness exercises facilitated by WPO Aware specialists

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