• The Jockey Pathway

    The Jockey Pathway Timetable: January - March 2020 (Please note that this timetable is subject to change, please see below, and the @JockeyPathway twitter page, for weekly updates)

    All licensed Jockeys, including apprentices and conditionals, in Ireland have free access to a suite of professional services.

    • Services include a Dietitian, a Strength & Conditioning coach, and a Sports Psychologist, an on-course Physiotherapy service is also available, details of each service is outlined at the bottom of the page. 

    • The Pathway’s primary goal is to ensure that all Jockeys will have access to a professional support system which will enable them to make the most of their ability, achieve the highest standards and prolong their careers in racing. 

    • The services are available from a dedicated facility on the RACE campus in Kildare town. Access to the services is free of charge as the pathway is fully funded by CARE.

          The Jockey Pathway schedule from February 10th to 16th is outlined below:

          • Strength and Conditioning Coach Wayne Middleton holds a number of group strength & conditioning classes per week for professional jockeys in the RACE Gym at the following times:

            - Feb 12th:   6:30pm - 7:10pm

            Individual sessions are also available, text Wayne on 083 3133450 to arrange.

          • Feb 12th - Dietitian Gillian O'Loughlin will be available to meet Jockeys from 6pm - 9pm at the Jockey Pathway hub in RACE, Kildare Town. To schedule an appointment please text Gillian directly on 087 4128798

          • John Butler from the John Butler Sports Injury Clinic will be available on-course on the following dates:
            - Feb 16th: Navan Racecourse

            • Call Arthur Dunne on 087 665 1542 to book your free body composition and bone (DXA) scan in RACE, Kildare Town in order to improve your bone health and reduce the risk of fractures. All scan information will be confidential.

            • John Butler from the John Butler Sports Injury Clinic will be available on-course to assist jockeys with any physiotherapy requirements they may have throughout the year, an on-course schedule for January and February 2020 can be downloaded here.

            Full details of all the Pathway services available are outlined below


            • The physiotherapy services will be delivered on-course by the John Butler Sports Injury Clinic, a full on-course schedule for 2019 can be downloaded here. The services delivered will include the following:

              • Comprehensive assessment & diagnosis of new injuries/complaints
              • Physiotherapy treatment as required (manual techniques, dry needling, ultrasound, taping, soft tissue techniques)
              • Education on injury prevention and management
              • Assessment for muscle imbalances/strength deficits and injury predictors
              • Review referrals from on-track service provider for a more comprehensive assessment.
              • Development & implementation of rehabilitation programmes
              • Development of injury prevention programmes in conjunction with the S&C coach.


              Wayne Middleton will be the pathway strength and conditioning coach. Wayne will deliver weekly group sessions to include the following:

              • Initial functional movement screen and assessment to evaluate any injury or movement deficiency.
              • Testing of physical strength and fitness.
              • Weekly detailed strength and conditioning programme to include work to be carried out in the jockeys own time. Emphasis on safe and high quality movement and technique.
              • Regular assessment to monitor progress or lack of.
              • Receive regular jockey feedback to help improve the delivery of the programme
              • Individual one to one sessions can also be arranged if necessary.

              Wayne will liaise with the physiotherapist as part of the injury prevention and rehab protocols; he will also be in contact with the dietitian, Gillian O’Loughlin, to ensure any weight control issues are addressed. To schedule an appointment please email [email protected] or call 045 455488.

              The pathway dietitian is Gillian O’Loughlin, the leading expert in nutrition for jockeys in Ireland, carrying out research in the health and performance of jockey’s since 2003. She will be familiar to many of you as she has been working with jockeys of all levels from pony racers to professional jockeys.
              Her role is to give support to jockeys providing tailored dietary advice to enhance their health and performance, assist them to make weight the healthy way, increase muscle mass and decrease body fat to enhance riding performance or to aid in the recovery process from injury.
              The initial consultation will include;
              • Measurement of weight and height
              • Body fat testing
              • Hydration testing
              • Assessment of current dietary practices
              • Individually tailored meal plan – based on foods liked by the jockey.

              The jockey will be encouraged to attend follow up sessions to monitor their progress and to keep a food diary which will be analysed to provide more detail on their nutrient intake. 

              Once a month there will be a talk on various nutritional topics e.g. nutrition to improve performance, what to eat before and after racing, how to lose those final few lbs before racing, diet to improve bone health in jockeys, what to eat when injured , practical tips on making weight the healthy way, how to shop on a budget, shopping tours and much more!

              Gillian will be available every Wednesday evening from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, to schedule an appointment with Gillian please text 087 4128798.

              The pathways sports psychologist will be Dr Ciara Losty. Dr Losty has worked extensively at the highest levels of elite sport (Olympic level). The goal of any interactions that Dr Losty will have with Jockeys is to ensure that ultimately, a jockey can consistently demonstrate the psychological skills necessary for optimum performance. There are many ways sport psychology can help jockeys including, but not limited, to the following:

              • Enhance performance
              • Cope with the pressures of racing
              • Recover from injuries
              • Increase motivation 
              • Promote healthy self-esteem 
              • Education in key mental health issues

              Dr Losty will be available every second Thursday, starting on the 21st of September, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. To schedule an appointment please email [email protected] or call 045 455488.

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